Teaching Students Earning a University Degree Online

The good news is that this is distance education technology is being adopted by academic administrators of public colleges and universities at a breakneck speed. This is will primarily because the cost of maintaining the huge physical plants known as college, community college and university campuses and the physical college and university classrooms on them is far beyond the fiscal capacity of the current thin budgets. The result of this emphasis on allocating available monies to the upkeep of the physical structures is reducing the administrators’ abilities to pay adjunct college faculty members a decent amount of income to teach in a physical classroom. So, the academic administrators of colleges and universities and community colleges are using online college degree programs filled with online college courses to meet the academic needs of swelling student populations at post-secondary academic institutions. This all is providing academics with earned graduate degrees, a masters degree or Ph.D., with the chance to actually collect enough online college courses in an online teaching schedule to generate a living wage for themselves. Of course, the academics must learn how to use a personal computer to access the online degree programs so that they can teach the students earning a university degree online. One of the very best ways for an educator with an earned graduate degree to learn how to do this is to start navigating the Internet in search of the thousands of community colleges, state colleges, four-year universities, for-profit colleges and technical schools that have a presence on the Internet in the form of a website. The academics making this effort will soon discover that on the first page of every schools website is a link leading the prospective online adjunct instructor to a faculty application section. The software available in this section of the college or university website easily accommodates the submission of academic documentation required to qualify an online adjunct instructor for online adjunct jobs.

It is very important for academics who find themselves teaching as adjuncts on traditional college and university campuses to know that the academic labor model has changed radically in the last decade. This may seem to be stating the obvious sinse the vast majority of adjunct college instructors are already living in poverty as a result of low pay and few classes to teach. The major difference now is that it is possible to have as many as ten online college classes to teach every day, and the online adjunct income derived from teaching this many online courses is nothing to be ignored in this day and age. Further, from now on academic administrators and academic department heads will be eager to accept the applications of academics who have learned how to transition out of physical college or university classroom and into online college courses. Of course, the best way to demonstrate the complete mastery of the functions of a personal computer is to start making applications for online adjunct faculty positions in the faculty application section of the schools website. It is vitally important for any prospective online adjunct instructor wishing to teach students pursuing a university degree online to make as many applications as possible for online teaching as possible every day. By doing so, sooner or later an invitation to attend the mandatory training every new online college professor must participate in and complete will be forthcoming from more than one school.


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